Monday, November 14, 2011

Stocking Up at Seedy Sunday!

Well, the 12th Annual ACORN Organic Conference has come and gone and I'm so pleased that they included me! There was a great turnout on Friday afternoon for my talk on Winter Greens: Sprouts, Shoots and Cold Frames and I also was able to connect with old friends and meet new ones. 

I stopped back at the conference again yesterday morning to take part in Seedy Sunday! I know it's a bit early to be buying seeds and it's certainly not like I NEED more seeds....... but, I really really wanted more! I tried to practice restraint and I know that I should take an inventory before I bought more, so I tried to focus on seeds that I haven't tried before or ones that I knew I was out of (dinosaur kale!)

Here are some photos of my new seeds! I bought from Annapolis SeedsPumpkin Moon HerbalsHope Seed and Greta's Organic Gardens. So exciting!! Winter may not be here yet, but in my head, spring is on its way!

I missed meeting Andrea Berry, the owner of Hope Seed in person, but stocked up anyway on some fine seeds - crystal apple cukes, Rossa Di Milano red onion (barrel-shaped heirloom!), etc.. 

Owen Bridge of Annapolis Seeds said he's adding 40 more heirloom tomatoes to his 2012 catalogue - I had trouble restraining myself from trying them all.. 

Note the Montreal Melon! It's an old heirloom from around 1900, but disappeared before being rediscovered!

Michelle Fike of Pumpkin Moon Herbals has such gorgeous seed packets!! I also bought a mixed runner bean packet, but gave it to my mother-in-law.. 


  1. I like the creative and down home feel of the seed packets you showed. There used to be such art in them from days long passed, nice to see that today.

  2. I do think, we both need to buy a farm somewhere, so we can plant seed with abandon!! So many to chose from, how does one decide. Mexico Midget was a big hit here. Loved the packaging.

  3. So glad I found your blog and I am sooo excited to buy your book! Cheers!


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