Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A photo that didn't make the cut for the book..
but I love the look of the snow and cold frame anyway!
(photo by Joseph DeSciose)
Are you coming?!

I hope you'll join me and some garden-loving friends on Saturday, Feb 4th from 2 to 4 pm at Halifax Seed on Kane Street in Halifax. There will be a fun 'behind the scenes' presentation and door prizes! Plus, there will be copies of the book for sale and I can attempt to write something witty in your copy! (Don't hold your breath for witty! In fact, comment with your suggestions of what I should be writing in people's books!!)

For more info, please go to the Halifax Seed website or give them a call at (902) 454-7456.

Or, you can pre-register at the facebook page for the event - here! 

Can't wait.. should be a blast!


  1. I've posted your book on Pinterest under winter gardening. Looking forward to getting your book

  2. Thanks so much! I keep hearing about Pinterest, but I haven't ventured onto it yet..


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