Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fun on Richard Levangie's Blog!!

Although we've never met, Richard Levangie, the award winning Halifax writer behind this site, and I have enjoyed an online friendship for many years. He too understands the incredible lure of working the earth and growing food. I always look forward to reading his blog posts and articles. Some are fun and lighthearted, while others chronicle his personal medical journeys, which have not been easy to say the least. His brutal honesty takes immense courage, but his sense of humour is always tucked in there somewhere. You can't come away from his writing without feeling strong emotion - it may break your heart, but it will also lift your spirit.

One of the more fun aspects of his blog is the section called '25 questions'. In the past, he has interviewed a range of writers, including the acclaimed author, Silver Donald Cameron (intimidating!!)  I was thrilled when he added me to this group of esteemed writers. Click on the above link to read the answers to my 25 questions.


  1. What a beautiful, touching post. He had me with "The very act of getting your hands dirty blesses one with a deeper connection to the planet". I loved reading that, as I did the whole piece. What a fine writer.

    Loved your answers to the 25 questions, you are so honest and down to earth.

  2. I'm so glad you liked it Bren.. Richard really is special and his writing is so honest and lovely.. He immediately draws you in and shares his world with you.

  3. I'm so happy to find your blog! I'm looking forward to following this very informative and interesting site. Thanks Year Round Vegetable Gardener!

    Have a beautiful day!


  4. Niki... talk about a touching introduction! Thank you.

    I thought your answers were wonderful.


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