Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jodi Delong's Review of The Year Round Vegetable Gardener

A link about my book in today's Chronicle Herald. Click here to read it.. Thanks so much to Jodi Delong for the piece.. She's had a horrendous week, and it was very kind of her to send me the link today when I know her heart is in other places..


  1. Nikki
    I just purchased your book at indigo in Sunnyside mall, it was the last one. I have scanned it through and read some parts in their entirety and find it very down to earth and real. Some of your practices I have used for years. I live along the Bay of Fundy in Onslow just west of Truro. My home farm was in Wallace bay on the North Shore. I find the weather conditions and soil very similar in both areas. Many of your tips are answers to problems i have had so are very useful. I haven't tried cold framing for years. The last time i did it wasn't much of a success, but I always leave carrots, parsnips etc in the ground and mulch for use well into December. This year has been great up until just recently. I have grown herbs for many years and cover oregano, sage and thyme. My thyme and oregano is everywhere on my property anyway. I am going to build a cold frame for next season, now that I have read about it in your book. One herb I don't see mentioned which I keep confined to one corner of my garden is Borage. It produces a brilliant purple flower that keeps bees in my garden all summer. It comes up year after year and only requires a bit of control or it will take over. I will continue to read your book as I plan my next season's garden and try some of you helpful hints
    Thanks for a great book
    Clair Peers

    1. Hi Clair! Thanks so much for your kind comments! I too love borage and it does tend to walk around my garden. I typically leave about a dozen plants for the bees and dig up and share the rest. Chamomile also has the same tendency to spread, which I love and hate sometimes! :) I hope you enjoy the book and thanks again!


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