Monday, March 26, 2012

The Boston Flower Show!

Slacking off done! It's past time for me to post these images from the Boston Flower Show.. I was thrilled to be able to visit Boston - great city - just over a week ago and to take part in the annual garden show speaking about my new book. Having come fresh from the massive Philly Flower Show, I was unsure of what to expect, and although it was a smaller show, it was just as amazing. The floral displays were incredible, but so were the display gardens. One in particular, really took my fancy. It was a child's garden, complete with an amazing tower treehouse-type structure - I want one!

The folks at the show were also very welcoming and I had a great turnout for both my lecture and the subsequent book signing. The enthusiasm of gardeners is so contagious and I may have accidentally bought more seed from the Hudson Valley Seed Library.. Opps! :) I also found an herb seed company that sold gourd seeds and bought some cannonball gourds and long dipper gourds, two that I haven't grown before.

So, without further ado, here are some images from my Boston adventure:

I didn't find a Hobbit, but I would love one of these hideaways in my garden, as well
as the tower house in the background. So fun!

I enjoyed the marketplace at the Boston Flower Show.
Check out these eye-catching topiaries! I loved this display!

May have accidentally bought some gourd seeds. Great varieties!

Stunning garden.. soothing sound of water and vibrant geraniums!

From square (above photo) to round.. so many different types of designs.
These spring flowering trees looked and smelled good.. 

There were a bunch of mini street gardens - thought this one stood out!

Must have this pergola! On either side were cages with exotic birds. The gazing pool
ran the entire length of the pergola. A dream garden. 

6-foot tall garden sculptures crafted from wire. They reminded me
of giant alliums.. Wish I was handy and could make something like this!

Fothergilla.. an underused spring blooming shrub. Simply gorgeous!

Moss rocks - fun and funky! Great for an indoor garden or shaded patio. 

Quite the fancy hat! 

Another floral hat.. 

Opps! More seeds.. These art packets are seriously decorative. Plus, fantastic
varieties of heirloom veggies. 

Really great seed packets. 

And more! I could have snapped photos of each one!

I really wanted to sit on these rounded pillows.. 

Such a tidy looking pathway. Just like my garden. ha ha..

Too bad we weren't allowed to walk on the bridge.. it looked so inviting!

How many reasons do you need??

Another water feature and sitting area, but lovely. 

Look Ma! It's my book! 

Love the colour coordinated door and tulips! I guess there weren't any deer in the
Convention Centre! 

A full view of that amazing children's garden.

Fun art in the children't garden. Such a whimsical display!

Can you tell I loved this garden? Do you see the veggie-filled wheelbarrow?

One last shot of my new favourite hangout. So cool!! (I may be too old to say that!)

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