Friday, March 9, 2012

More Scenes from The Philadelphia Flower Show

The entrance to the show.. walking under waves and white orchids.. Heavenly!

I can't even imagine how much work this would be!

Another cold frame.. read the caption if you can..

Floating row cover! 

The Hudson Valley Seed Library Booth.

More seed packets from the Hudson Valley Seed Library

The Tatsoi pack - cute, eh?

More of their art packets of seed.. vibrant!

More.. I just loved them all!


  1. I love how creative the garden supply world is becoming. Those seed packets are works of art. And cold frames and row covers are bling. Funny and good. Whatever gets people digging and growing....! I hope you'll take lots of photos in Toronto too.

  2. Dare I many seed packets you came home with? These are works of doubt about it, and what displays!!

  3. What Bren? Me seeds?? Obviously you know me too well.. How about Northern Lights heirloom tomato.. look it up.. Don't worry, I'll share! :)

    Thanks for your comment Melissa! I'll be photographing the Boston Flower Show this week and then Canada Blooms.. stay tuned! :)


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