Thursday, April 26, 2012

Saltscapes Weekend

Jodi speaking at last year's expo (
Well, it's Thursday and I've been busy this week with book #2, magazine deadlines and getting ready for my talks this weekend at the Saltscapes Expo. For the complete speaking schedule for Saltscapes, click here. Everyone tells me how much fun this event is, so I am looking very forward to my first time at the expo. Plus, Jodi Delong and Michelle Muis will also be giving garden chats, so in between my own talks, I hope to take in theirs. 

Oh yes, I also have been shovelling plenty of poop this week, planting peas, sweet peas, kales, lettuce, kohlrabi, scallions, and much more.. I love spring!

Update on the non-existent deer fence.. after much research and talking to some experts, I decided against electric (too many neighbourhood kids). Sigh.. so, I will go back to netting, but will certainly reinforce it with some extras defences.. they've been nibbling my chives and spinach, so it's time to get the barrier up. Hopefully this weekend!

See you at Saltscapes!

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  1. Can you tell us what the new book will be about? I am so in love with YRVG. I can't wait for your new book!!


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