Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seedling Update, Part 3 and Clumsy Gardener

I love my seedlings.. I love visiting them each morning, watering them, giving them a boost of fertilizer, repotting them and simply just gazing upon their green loveliness. Ok, enough of that, but I really do enjoy growing most of our garden veggies and herbs direct from seed. I also have to admit that I'm rather clumsy and in my haste to move my baby lettuce and endive seedlings out from the lights and onto our shaded front porch a few minutes ago, I tripped up the steps - no, not on a toy or other item, but rather over my own two feet. Graceful.

So, I have now spent 10 min repotting the little seedlings, which will be fine I know, but annoying. They're watered to ensure their roots settle back in and I stuck them out on the porch as planned. Sigh.. Anyway, to sum up my update, all is growing so incredibly quickly! Even my geraniums - a sample from McKenzie Seed - are growing fast (check out their glossy green leaves below!)

The basil is also growing quicker than usual and the tomatoes will need to be repotted this weekend into 4-inch round pots. Luckily I have a few huge stacks of pots in the garage and a new bale of potting soil. I can't explain why my seedlings are growing quicker than usual - perhaps it is the new fluorescent light bulbs? The basement is rather cool - about 15 C and it tends to slow down growth a bit. But, as a side benefit, it also tends to make my seedlings stronger and stockier. I am also using a new fertilizer - given to  me as a sample at Canada Blooms - Orgunique Tomato & Vegetable 3-1-4 liquid food. I've given the seedlings 2 doses of the food so far, about 12 days apart. I'll keep you posted on this new-to-me product.

Anyhoo, whatever the reason, (knock on wood) so far things look great.. now, if only the weather would co-operate!

Geraniums in the foreground, basil to the back and right.
'Garden Leader Monster' Tomatoes (another sample from
McKenzie Seed) are to the right beside the geraniums. 

So excited about growing geraniums from seed.
Grown in containers and window boxes, they evoke thoughts of
European cobblestoned streets...

Basil!! Three types.. this is about half of my basil plants, over
100 in all! Can't you just taste it??

Opps! Lettuce and endive take a nosedive. 


  1. Hah! I am not the only one in love with my "babies!" Your plants look great. When you were putting them on your porch, was that an indoor or outdoor porch? Are you hardening plants off already?

    1. Yep, hardening off things like kale ,broccoli, kohlrabi, parsley, lettuces, endive, etc.. all the cool and cold season crops that are ready to go into the garden, cold frames or under mini hoop tunnels (with fabric, not plastic). Some of these crops are already in the garden, but I like to keep things going, hence the succession seedlings.. fun fun! :)

  2. Oopsy daisy! I did the same thing to my stairs last year, tripping, as I am apt to do when I can't see my feet. It was very graceful.

    After that, I started keeping the trays in clear plastic storage bins (indoors and out), knowing I would trip again. <-- yup

    That geranium is epic!

    I've never ever fertilized my seedlings. I think I should try a side-by-side comparison to see if I'm missing something great.

  3. So sorry to read about the tumble..glad you were able to 'save the babies'. Busy time heh!

    Doesn't appear that product is available in Nova Scotia yet, but hopefully soon. Will stand by to hear how you think it preforms.

    Basil.. Yes, I can taste it ;-)


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