Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Post #401! A spring garden tour (not my garden!)

A magnolia in full bloom and rock garden perennials.
I had the amazing privilege of visiting one of the province's loveliest gardens early last evening.. I had a guided tour, but can honestly say that I was so dazzled, many of the exact species have left my brain (perhaps the gardener can help ID some of these plants in the comment section of the blog..?) But, I really wanted to shared these springtime images with you so that you can see what is blooming in my region this time of year. I keep seeing fellow gardeners from warmer areas posting photos of roses, peonies, lilacs and more.. we may not have these plants in bloom quite yet, but I'm in no rush. Especially with gardens like this..

(Also be sure to check the end of this post for some upcoming garden event info!)

Fritillaria (sigh) and white arabis

A bit dark (sorry, used my iPhone!) photo of
hellebore and white arabis. Loved the combo!

An early blooming clematis

Look closely.. see all the marsh marigolds in bloom?! Great idea for
a damp and boggy spot in the garden. Do you also see the homemade wooden
bridge at the centre of the bog..?

A close up on the right side of the bog.. with all those Marsh Marigolds
you can hardly see the water!

Seriously gorgeous.. ferns, marsh marigolds, iris..

Hello! A species of veronica I believe..

The terraced garden in mid-spring..

A dwarf form of Jacob's ladder.. 

Another type of veronica..

Butterflies magnolia - MUST HAVE!
Look at the centre of the bloom.. amazing!

Another image of Butterflies magnolia.. the blooms look like wax..

Was so dazzled, I forgot the name already.. (help!?) It's already been
blooming for three weeks with no sign of slowing down!

Two Upcoming Garden Events (you won't want to miss!):

May 19 - Garden Fair in Chester Basin, Nova Scotia from 9am-noon.  Plants, products, services and “free stuff”.  Aenon Baptist Church parking lot, across from Post Office in Chester Basin.  Contact Myra (902) 273-2000

June 02 - Basin Gardeners Association Plant Sale at Louisiana Pacific Union Hall, East Chester. 9am-noon. 

May 24th - Lunenburg and Area Garden Club Plant Sale. 3 Green Street, Lunenburg from 8 am to noon. 


  1. Well, now my head is too big for my hat after comments like that! The first veronica is whitely.The second one is veronica gentianoides. The lovely woodlander at the end is glacidium palmatum.

    So glad you came by and took pictures Niki. You are always welcome.


  2. I thought the first Veronica was something called Bluets or Quaker Ladies, but whether it is this or Whitely does anyone know where to get plants or seeds for it? I have some, but due to some recent construction have a large bare space that I would love to add this to.

    Also, Niki, could you list the Lunenburg and Area Garden Club plant sale for 24 May 2012? It will be held at 3 Green Street, Lunenburg, from 8 to noon. This is the same time and just around the corner from the Lunenburg Farmers' Market. Two birds (or plants, in this case) with one stone for your garden shopping pleasure.

  3. What a stunning garden. I too was drooling over the helebores and arabis. They've done a terrific job of having early season colour.

  4. Veronica whitleyi, I believe...I got one little pot at an end of season sale at a big box store in Dartmouth, likely Home Depot, last year & it is blooming fabulously this spring in my stony undernourished full sun front bed on the eastern shore. I definitely would get more.

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