Friday, June 15, 2012

A few more container garden photos..

Don't you just love how the garden changes every day?? I just gave my pots on the back deck a thorough watering and thought I would snap a few photos.. I've been bogged down with book 2 this week (and last week and the week before and...) and also need to start preparing for this weekend's radio show.. The hilarious Amanda Thomson of Kiss My Aster will be joining me for the last 1/2 hour to share some garden laughs.. she also blogs for Proven Winners, which is where we initially met. Also, Jill Covill, the owner of Bunchberry Nurseries will talk ground covers - and any other types of plants that our callers want to discuss! She is a wealth of knowledge and I always enjoy our chats.. Then, if the stars align, we'll talk to the NY Botanical Gardens about their amazing new children's gardens.. fingers crossed that I can make that one happen.. anyhow, until Sunday, enjoy these glimpses of my garden..

Love lantana so much.. and so do the bees, butterflies...

One of my pots that is really coming along - check out that deep
lettuce beside the soon-to-be-released Proven Winners Lobularia
Frosty Knight (variegated foliage)

I haven't grown nigella in years, but got a packet from Renee's Garden.
This is Persian Jewels mix and the first flower opened this morning...

Finally, here is a new Petunia 'Blueberry Lime Jam' that was sent
to me as a seed sample by McKenzie Seeds this past
spring.. It's supposed to be a mix of two varieties - one lime green and
the other purple and the first bloom opened today.
The flower is HUGE and incredibly scented.. so easy to grow
from seed!! (check out my dirt-stained fingers for scale!)

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