Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm Hosting Gardenchat!

Me and the lovely Brenda Haas, founder and administrator
of Gardenchat at the Philadelphia Flower Show
Have you ever taken part in the weekly #gardenchat on twitter?? No? Well, you should! And, this Monday, June 4th is a prime opportunity because I will be hosting the online forum from 10 to 11 pm Atlantic time (9 to 10 pm EST). For more details, simply click here!

What is #gardenchat..? Well, according to the website:

#gardenchat is a Twitter based chat forum where garden enthusiasts from all walks of life connect and interact sharing ideas about their experience growing. Join in the conversation on Twitter. It's easy to do and can be a life changing experience. The Twitter based chat forum known as #gardenchat is where the gardens grow using social media.

How do you take part?

To participate in the conversation you must first set up a Twitter account. Set up your Twitter account by following the steps on the help forum at Twitter by clicking HERE.
If you have a Twitter account all you have to do is enter #gardenchat in the search box located on the HOME page of your account.  You will begin to see what the garden world on twitter is sharing.   Participants will have to refresh the Twitter URL often to see what others are adding in real time to the conversation. 

Hope to 'see' you on #gardenchat on Monday night! Bring your gardening questions and I will be happy to answer them (or at least attempt to answer them!) :)

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