Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Rainy Day Garden Tour

I know, I know.. I've been very slack in updating my blog lately. To be honest, I'm also very slack in getting anything done in the garden! Thankfully, it can (mostly) take care of itself.. I do need to get in more peas for fall though, as well as start a few things under the lights for autumn (kohlrabi, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.) Plus, in just a few weeks, it will be planting season for fall/winter carrots!

The rains just paused for a few minutes, so I ran up to the garden to breathe in the fresh air, get away from deadlines and take a few photos.. Here they are!

Who invited aphids (and the accompanying ants)
to my spinach!! The seeds will be ready to harvest soon! 

Blueberries! The low bush are just starting, but the high bush
have another week or two before the big berries are ripe.

This is the Beet and Chard Braising Mix from Renee's Garden. I've
been using the baby leaves in salads non-stop and love tossing a few
handfuls in stif-fries at the last minute. So good!! I've planted
it under a pole bean teepee.. 

My first Bojangles marigold has finally bloomed. I grew these
from seed and think they're so cute.. Not as striped as I would
have liked.. but fun!

So.many.garlic.scapes. This garlic plant
produced 2 scapes.. first time I've seen that!!

Part of my garden edging - Drunken Woman lettuce, Red Lollo lettuce
and a butter head whose name has escaped me.. 

Drunken Woman lettuce in the rain.. I got the seeds from
Hope Seed last autumn.

Poppies.. this ones looks a bit down about
all the rain!

My peanuts are growing! I planted them 3 weeks ago and
have about 20 plants - already 6 inches tall!!

Another poppy.. electric red/pink colour!!

Another lettuce border.. that deep red
Lollo Rossa lettuce is hard to see.. but it is one
of my very favourites and not often bothered by
the slugs.. maybe because of the super frilled foliage?

Speaking of slugs.. and snails.. what does this little guy think
he's doing to my chard!!

Little bugger!! 

Cosmos 'Pink Popsocks' from McFayden. The flowers are small,
only about 2 inches across and the plants
are slow growing.. but very pretty blooms.

My pea/marigold/nasturtium/eggplant/pepper
garden on my back porch.. it's very hot and usually

Two mini bell peppers of an unnamed variety that I'm
testing for a seed company. They've begun
to flower.

I love my herbs - this is lemon thyme, rosemary and lemon verbena
on my back deck.. great for marinades!! 


  1. Great to see your garden tour! I've planted chard for the first time ever this year (beets, too, actually) and can't WAIT for those leafy greens to saute. The slugs can suck it, though. :/

  2. Really enjoyed the garden tour!

    Lollo rossa is one of my favourite.

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