Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Quick Update

Hot and humid after this mornings rain. Just up repairing the darn deer fence (play hokey from book 2!) and found some treasures today.. thought I'd quickly share them with you..

The first Ardwyna tomato from Annapolis Seeds - Here is how they describe it:
"The beautiful, curvaceous red fruit are heart-shaped and huge, with some specimens measuring  7 inches across and weighing in at over one pound. Excellent for slicing and eating fresh or for canning/saucing. 4’ vines."

Mexico Midget! Hello you adorable pea-sized tomatoes you!

The snake gourd, an edible type is really starting to
put on fruit. Our record is 51-inches long. 

My peanuts (squashed by a 'volunteer' swiss chard seedling) are
beginning to flower!

In a cold frame, carrot seeds have sprouted - planted
just a week ago! As you can see, some 'volunteer' mustard
seeds have also sprouted (how do they grow so fast!?).
I'll move those to another cold frame and into the main garden. 

Mohawk peppers from the plants that I bought at Canadian Tire (couldn't resist!)
The tag said sweet and so do all the seed catalogues on the internet, but these
ain't no sweet peppers! They pack some heat.. so, what are they? 

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  1. These look like Habanero peppers...maybe Scotch Bonnets.....Cheryl, PEI


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