Thursday, August 30, 2012

CTV Morning Live Link! (And Northern Lights Tomatoes)

My biggest one so far - Northern Lights. Had to hold it to
give you a sense of scale. It's pretty hefty!
As promised, here is the link to my spot this morning on CTV Morning Live - click here to watch me speed talk with Heidi! :) Just choose the 'In the Garden' video and you'll be directed to the short clip. So much fun!

Also, I thought I would share the images of my Northern Lights heirloom tomatoes as the crop is starting to come in.. Such a unique fruit shape - rather pleated? - and lovely streaks of colour.. It's my first year for these, but I don't think it will be my last!
Two Northern Lights.. the one on the right is the big one
I'm holding in the top photo..

A handful of summer sweetness! Sungold,
yellow pear, black cherry, Ildi

A Japanese Mandarin tomato (from and
Purple Peacock pole beans.. Love the colour combo! (I swear
I didn't enhance the hues - they really are this beautiful!)

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  1. Do you happen to do any seed sharing? The yellow pear tomatoes just look amazing and I would love to try and grow them....


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