Thursday, August 16, 2012

Harvest Thursday - More Zucchini!!

It doesn't take much persuading to drag me away from my work (just weeks to deadline!) to stroll through the garden and see what's in bloom, what's ready to pick and what will soon be ready to pick. I'm super excited that the gourds are doing so well.. we'll have Caveman's Club for the first time this year! Plus, spinning top, snake, long dipper, cannon ball and more. Photos to follow as things begin to mature.

But, for now, it's zucchini harvest - again! We also did pick a big bowl of tomatoes including about 50 sungolds, which are simply the loveliest balls of sugar!

Another Trombetta summer squash - love the groovy shape. I think
it looks like a swan.

The just-picked zucchini.. see the little pattypan in the middle. I
stuck that plant in the leftover pile of my oxen manure and it is
growing like it is on steroids!
A closer look.. HUNDREDS to come..

A few cherry tomatoes - a pink one on left (hard to see the true colour),
yellow grape (forget which one.. need to check my notes), Mexico Midget and Sungold! 

The first Costoulto - Yum! Just picked three..

Ha ha deer.. you missed these last night!

Must get some of these in the ground today. The fall/winter


  1. We had our first Coustoulto also. I do envy you those patty pans.I'll leave the car unlocked, Niki:)


  2. Oh Donna.. those patty pans are from 1 plant planted in my manure pile - it's a MONSTER now!! Just starting to produce.. there will be a month or more of patty pans.. keep your car unlocked, I'll be sneaking you some!! :)

  3. Yes, first costoluto's here also!! high delicious. Amish paste also coming on strong..but early blight and this rain has been doing a number on my babies...sigh.

    The really really red lettuce you have to transplant is??


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