Saturday, August 11, 2012

The spinning top gourds are almost ready

I don't typically expect to start picking our gourds until late September and sometimes closer to mid October, depending on the season. This has been such a hot dry summer, however that some of the smaller fruiting gourds are almost ready to pick. Check out these adorable spinning top gourds, a super easy variety to grow that produces many 2 to 3 inch teardrop-shaped gourds that can be spun like the popular children's toy.

One reason that I love our gourds so much - we grow over a dozen types - is that the darned deer don't eat them! Just got home after being away for 2 nights and both gardens have been infiltrated by the deer. Bye-bye beloved beans. Thanks for trampling the tomatoes. And I hope you enjoyed my gorgeous rainbow chard. Sigh.. ok, maybe I was wrong and that electric fence would have been a good idea.. Well, to be honest, I'm thinking about completely re-doing the veggie garden next year - I've been so inspired by the amazing designs that will be included in my next book (contributed by amazing experts from around the world!) - so, maybe I'll be working on a new plan this winter and will finally get an effective deer barrier.

Until then, happy gardening and don't forget to tune into The Weekend Gardener tomorrow - Sunday, August 12th for a fun show!

I'll be joined by Todd Boland, author of Trees and Shrubs of the Maritimes: A Field Guide, then I'll chat to Sara Katz about some of her favourite native plants for landscapes. Also, Steven Biggs, author of Grow Figs: Where You Think You Can't and No-Guff Vegetable Gardening will talk about getting the veggie garden ready for fall! Finally, we'll end with the always wonderful Craig LeHoullier, our tomato expert and get his take on the blights that have been affecting our Maritime tomato plants! Tune in on News 95.7 FM, News 91.9 FM or News 88.9 FM or listen live at wherever you are in the world.

Isis Garden Candy tomatoes - Yum!

Potatoes for supper.. Am loving these
fingerlings so much!

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  1. You might try a motion-activated sprinkler system for the deer. We put one in (bought previously for another issue in another city...) and amazingly, NO deer. They used to walk right through where we put the garden, but they haven't touched a thing.


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