Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Visual Tour of the 3rd annual Mother Earth News Fair!

The legendary Ira Wallace of Southern Exposure
Seed Exchange - AWESOME to meet her and have
the opportunity to hear her speak. I went right after her and
she is a tough act to follow!
(Thanks to Kenny at for taking
the photo! But, he disappeared before I could get one with
him too!!)
I'm baaaaaack! And I had so much fun at the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA. The venue was amazing - tucked between the rolling mountains of Pennsylvania - and I met some amazing folks, as well as some of my favourite experts and authors over the course of the three day event. I had three talks during the fair on various elements of year round veggie gardening and the turnouts for each were great and the attendees asked such thoughtful, interesting questions. I thought I'd share some of my photos with you below..

The Storey Publishing booth - the ONLY time I was able to
wade through the people in it to take a few unobstructed photos!
(See my book - lower right corner - and my mini poster?)

My speaker 'goodie' bag had Happy Hen Treats.. where else
but at the Mother Earth News Fair!! So funny, loved it!

My 1st talk.. here is my view of about 1/3 of the audience, dozens turned
away due to lack of space.. 

The Mother Earth News Fair bookstore catalogue -
look at the book in the middle of the top row!

A quiet moment in the bookstore. Any time there were less than
50 people in this large area was a 'quiet time'. Everyone
was hungry for knowledge and the book selection was incredible.
(They sold out of mine after day 1 - good and bad!) :)

Some of the outside action at the fair.

Yum - maple cotton candy!

Yes please! I'll take 10! This model was about
$2500 and had interior reflectors to heat
water for irrigation. The roof was made from a
type of bubble wrap on steroids that lasts for up
to 20 years. This one had 78 sq feet of growing space.
I'd love a bigger one.. hmmmmmm...

A backyard bread oven! Again, 'yes please'!

Planted Garden Soxx. I was given one as a sample
to try. Interesting.

Animals at the fair!

Love the goats.. 

With our mayoral race in Halifax almost finished,
will we finally be allowed backyard chickens?
If so, I may just need this fella.

Heirloom veggie posters along
one of the hallways. 

Cool idea for indoor growing.

Hard to do a book signing when they are sold
out of your books! I had my hot tea and bookplates
to sign. The fair still sold backorders for my book which
they shipped for free! :) 


  1. Congratulations, Niki! It just gets better and better. Nothing like a book being sold out to make folks want it even more. We are so happy for you.

    D and D

  2. Niki - it was really wonderful hearing you speak at the festival, and I am loving the book! Thank you for sharing all of your tips and tricks for year round growing!

  3. Congratulations!!! My hubby and I are really enjoying your book.

    Lisa in Colorado

  4. You were such a great speaker and I learned a lot at your talk! (I'm in your audience photo! haha; bottom far right, grey sweater, glasses & purple scarf) I can't wait to devour your book cover to cover. I was just stopping by to look up the dimensions of your mini hoop houses. I've convinced my husband to start building ours this weekend over our raised beds. This will be my first time with a winter garden (minus kale in pots in a sunny window); can't wait to see what survives :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. That's awesome, thanks so much.. I'm glad you got a good seat for the talk, it was rather overwhelming! :) Let me know how it goes for you.. have fun with it and enjoy your winter veggies!!


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