Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My biggest tomato ever!!

Obviously yes, the tomatoes will be ending soon. Very soon unfortunately, but our slow and steady supply of sun-ripened fruits has been extremely welcome. For the past few weeks, we've all been watching the beauty and waiting impatiently for it to ripen. It's a Persimmon tomato (Renee's Garden Summer Feast Heirloom Tomato Mix) and although I've grown them for about 6 years, this is the biggest one we've ever had! It was 7 1/2 inches across and as for weight, we all had a guess and I won (woo woo!) - 1.75 LBS.. a true beast! Not a bit mealy, just divine..

As for our smallest tomatoes, I've posted about these here and there and it was Mexico Midget - see the size comparison below.. We like this tomato - meaty flavour from a teeny tiny fruit. But.. I don't think I'll be growing it again for a bit. It's a nice tomato, but the plants grow 6 feet in every direction and it's difficult to stake. Next year I really need to be much better organized in terms of staking, mulching, etc. I'm going to concentrate on growing about 40 plants and growing them well. I always take suggestions, so please let me know what you recommend for tomatoes!

On a related note, don't forget Tomato Fest 2012 is happening this Sunday at Annapolis Seeds in Middleton, Nova Scotia. Just click on that link for more info. It runs from noon to 5 pm (drop in anytime) and there will be music, farm tours (of the seed company) and about 80 varieties of heirloom tomatoes to sample! Bring a notepad (or your smartphone) for jotting down tasting notes.

A piece from a Reisetomate (see earlier post)
When I broke it off, it was a perfect heart.. 

I love my tomatoes and my tomatoes love me! :)


  1. Niki, I grew Mexican midget this year as well and agree, it's a bit out of control. However, I did cut the plant back severely in July and that seemed to help a lot. It's still producing loads of tomatoes but the plant is smaller and more manageable now.

  2. Que tomates más bonitos, buena cosecha y yes your tomates love you. Me gusta mucho tu blog, te sigo.


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