Sunday, September 16, 2012

My heirloom onions and my book in West Coast Seeds

I was just playing hooky from making notes for today's Weekend Gardener (11 to 1 pm Atlantic on and thought I'd wander up to check on my beloved gourds. As I passed the onion bed - I've been eagerly waiting for my heritage Italian onions to be harvestable - I noticed that most of the tops had (finally) fallen over and they were ready! So I grabbed my trusty garden fork and dug up these gorgeous onions. Most of these barrel-shaped beauties were about 3 to 4 inches long and I laid them on newspaper to begin the curing process.

The exact variety is Rossa Di Milano and I bought them from Hope Seed this past spring. The description on their website says that it "keeps just as hard as oak through winter." I don't think mine will last that long! Onion love!

Another happy surprise this past week was the arrival of the Fall/Winter seed catalogue from West Coast Seeds. As I gleefully flipped through the pages, I discovered my book was listed in the catalogue! Check out the photos below as well as the lovely description that accompanied a cover photo..

Ok, off to the radio station, but don't forget to seed more spinach. And arugula. And radishes. And mizuna. And tatsoi. And...

Onion love! (Sorry about the bad lighting)
Love the groovy barrel shape

Hello Fall/Winter seed catalogue!
Look Ma, it's me!! :)


  1. Beautiful images and nice blog. This article is very informative.Thanks for posting it.

  2. I just finished reading your book. It was fabulous! I love all of the photos and the cold frame instructions.
    How exciting to see your book in a catalog.

    Lisa in Colorado


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