Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tomorrow on The Weekend Gardener - Just 4 shows left until our winter break!

Tomorrow on The Weekend Gardener I will talk to Beckie Fox, the editor of Garden Making magazine ( or about the new fall issue! (Spoiler alert - the featured garden is a Nova Scotia jewel!).

Then, I'll chat with Shannon from Broadfork Farms ( about Open Farm Day which is happening on Sept 16th across
 the Maritimes! (

Plus, Scott Croucher of Lee Valley in Halifax will talk tools - for bulb planting, fall clean up and pruning!

Finally, we'll close the show with an interview with John Gillespie, the co-author of the new book, Sow Simple: 100+ Green and Easy Projects to Make Your Garden Awesome.

Listen live at if you're not in the Maritime provinces.. If you are lucky enough to be here, tune in on News 95.7 FM (Halifax), News 91.9 FM (Moncton) or News 88.9 FM (Saint John). 11 to 1 pm Atlantic time (10-noon EST)

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  1. Niki, so pleased you mentioned Open Farm Day. It is Phenomenal. If folks go to the website, all the farms are listed for all the areas of Nova Scotia. Take the kids (or not))), spend a day enjoying your local farms; let them share their knowledge as well as their product. We have one near us, Circle Farm. It's all about birds..and eggs...peacocks, Emu, ducks and more. All the farms are different.

    So glad you mentioned this.


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