Friday, October 12, 2012

A 2012 Harvest Overview

The summer squash collection

It's a chilly morning - but the bright sun is lighting up the trees around our garden. I love fall! But, this (as of yet - frost-free) weather has got me thinking about the spring/summer and what we enjoyed this year.. We're still harvesting plenty from the garden - 2 lovely zucchini yesterday, bowls of greens, Japanese turnips, beets, carrots, kale, cucumbers and much more, but I thought I'd share some of my favourite pic's from the past few months:
A quick trip to the garden = a bowl full of food!
Drunken Woman lettuce. Enough said.
Garlic love

Mexico Midget, Sungold, Japanese Mandarin

Sungold versus a monster Persimmon

Persimmon bigger than my hand!

Odd little 'Pink Fir Apple' potato. 

The Travelling Tomato - crazy!!

Japanese Mandarin tomato with Purple Podded Pole beans

Baby eggplants and tomatoes


The peanuts! SOOOOOOOO good! And super easy to grow.

Japanese Turnips, another favourite
My barrel-shaped red heirloom onions. 


  1. Hello! I love your blog, it gives me hope for my garden! :)

    Where did you find peanut seeds? (Seed peanuts?) I would love to grow them but haven't seen them available at garden centers or catalogues. I'm in Manitoba.

    Thanks much,

    1. Hi Becky - thanks so much!! You will be able to get them in spring 2013 at which is a fabulous NS seed company. OSC in Ontario also offers them.. just stick to the hardy Valencia type! :) Good luck.. Niki


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