Sunday, October 7, 2012

Food Preservation Workshop

Upcoming local workshop on food preparation:

Food Preservation Workshop: 
7 Fun Ways to Do-It-Yourself
Sunday, Oct. 21 9-5

Do you want to learn about traditional ways of preserving foods? The tried and true. Please join us for a fun-filled day of building food resilience.

We'll learn how to and why we preserve food & how it relates to our modern world and future.

Methods covered will include:
Canning (hot water bath)
Freezing and Vacuum Packing
Vegetable storage in cold cellars, etc.
Herb Drying/Freezing
Jams and Jellies

Handouts will be provided containing basic instructions as well as lists of supplemental resources.

Cooking School Kitchen, Upstairs, Tantallon Superstore, 5178 Hwy 3
Cost: $30, - $15 for youth under 30. Scholarships available.
Coffee, tea, and dessert will be provided. Bring a bagged lunch.

To register, contact David Wimberly
Space is limited. Pre-registration encouraged. Please register now to guarantee a space.

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