Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hard Frost

Garden sage.. so pretty when frosted
It's finally happened, the first hard frost. We've had a few light frosts, but this morning, even the deck was covered in a frosty glaze.. Obviously, I had to run up to the garden and snap some photos (tea in hand), so here are a few shots of the frosted garden with the warm autumn light..

On a side note, if you haven't started closing or mostly closing your cold frames at night, now is the time.. It got down to -2 C last night and so starting tonight (forgot last night!) I will begin closing them at night, but I will probably still leave them propped open a few inches if it's not going to be below freezing. Then, in the morning, they can be opened wide - or fully on rainy days to capture that moisture.

One of the last calendulas.. hardy and tasty annual flowers

I'm always surprised at sweet alyssum's hardiness. Under a mini
hoop tunnel it can bloom until January! Here it is after last
night's hard frost.

Mixed Asian greens shaking off the cold

Hello tatsoi!

Dinosaur kale - my favourite frosted green

Check out these ice crystals on the dinosaur kale! 
and more...

Lacinato rainbow kale.. new for me, loving it!

More Asian greens.. hardy and tasty

So manyAsian greens just thrive in autumn!


  1. So great that you show the greens that do well this time of year!! Great photos BTW

  2. Yes, I love your blog. Thank you!


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