Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tomorrow on The Weekend Gardener

Me signing books after my talk in Saint
John this past week (Thanks Steve
for taking the photo!)
Wow, where did spring/summer of 2012 go? It's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, which also signals an end to The Weekend Gardener radio show for 2012.. We'll be back in late March/early April for another 8 or so months, but for now, we go dormant for the winter. I'd love to say that I head off to Fiji for those off-months, but sadly that's not the case.. I've got a handful of upcoming magazine deadlines and will have this new book manuscript off to my editor in about a week (assuming the last few contributors send me their stuff!) :)

I've also still been 'on the road' quite a bit, most recently in Saint John this past weekend talking to the Fundy Gardeners, a huge garden club with such amazing enthusiasm!

But as for this Sunday, the last radio show for Season 6, I always like to end on a high note and try to come up with something a bit different, but with plenty of fun packed in! I also really like to give stuff away, so in the spirit of giving stuff away, I've got my dear and slightly wacky friend Carla from Halifax Seed joining me to talk bulbs/fall gardening and we'll give away bulbs and other tidbits!! Also, Bloom Greenhouse and Garden Center on the Hammonds Plains road in Halifax has given me some sweet prizes too!

In our second hour, we will attempt something we've never done before. We will try to hook up live to The Mike Nowak Show in Chicago, which will also be broadcasting live.. wish us luck, but if it works, it will be fun!  Mike is a passionate environmentalist and his show is incredibly popular across the US. Check out his link for podcasts.

Amanda Thomsen's upcoming book. It is amazing.
Finally, we will end with the zany Amanda Thomsen of Kiss My Aster! We'll recap 2012, talk trends for 2013 and she will give us a preview of her new book that is coming out late 2012 - also called Kiss My Aster. I have seen it and it. is. genius. Just like Amanda. I predict it will be THE most popular, in-demand gardening book for 2013. It's smart, sassy, informative and gorgeous - the first graphic novel gardening book I've ever seen. Initially I was doubtful (but she has my same publisher!) so when I saw the 'almost finished' product my first thought was - thank goodness my book came out last year! :)

Anyway, I hope you'll tune in tomorrow - News 95.7 FM in Halifax, News 88.9 FM in Saint John and News 91.9 FM in Moncton. Or, if you're in a land far, far away, try us at where you can listen live.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

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