Thursday, November 22, 2012

Whatcha Want from Santa?? Garden Books!

Hot off the press! Andrew Keys wonderful new book!
I'm trying very hard to keep Christmas as uncommercial as possible and I am determined (stubborn) to do most of my shopping locally (can't get more local than a big pile of aged manure!!). That said, I also feel that it's my duty to support my local bookshops and have added a small (large) pile of books to my own Christmas list.. In my current article in the Halifax News, I profiled some of my favourite gardening books to hit the stores in the past year or so - mostly Canadian - and thought I'd share the list with you..

Which leads me to ask.. what have been some of your favourite garden books - old or new?

Read my article Here!

Award winning and slightly naughty!
Love Liz and loved this book.. interesting and
A Maritime classic full of Jodi's top plant suggestions

A fun and informative read from
Marjorie Harris! Great tips combined
with her wonderful sense of humour!  

Figs in Canada? Yep! Steven Biggs of Toronto
details his sneaky (and easy!) techniques
for growing a bumper crops of figs in the north.

Not released yet (Jan 2013) - BUT, this will be the big book of
2013!! Love love love Amanda and I've had
the privilege of previewing. Read my mini review below:

Here is my review 'blurb' from of Kiss My Aster -

Amanda Thomsen is a quirky, badass landscape genius! This is the first time I've read a garden book (or heck, any book for that matter!) that required me to use 'jazz hands'. And I liked it. Kiss My Aster is cavity-inducing eye-candy, but it's also packed with solid information that covers all aspects of crafting a stylish, yet stainable landscape. The choose your own adventure form is easy to follow and allows the would-be gardener to change direction when new inspiration strikes or a project seem overwhelming ("call a guy!"). Thanks to Amanda, I'm no longer ashamed of my love for garden gnomes and my new landscape goals include sculpting a life-sized topiary of Mr. T from boxwood. If I plant it near the veggie garden, will it keep the deer away? ("I pity the deer that tries to eat my pole beans!") . Kiss My Aster is THE new bible for anyone who wants to learn, laugh and landscape.
(Niki Jabbour, author of The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener )


  1. Where can the "Grow Figs" book be purchased?

    1. Glad you asked - is Steve's site for his fig book.. It's a very comprehensive guide to growing figs in the North..


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