Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! 2012 in Review

First off, I want to thank ALL of you for sticking with me and my lax blogging abilities this year.. It's been an all-out year of promoting The Year Round Vegetable Gardener while writing my next book, which was kicking my butt for months! Luckily for me, I finally finished the manuscript on December 22nd and it will (hopefully) be out in about a year.. I had figured that 2013 will be a bit slower for me, but I'm already booking a lot of speaking gigs near and far, so I will be lucky enough to visit more of the many great garden fairs and shows this year and I promise to bring the best of each to you via this blog.. In 2013, I will continue to contribute to the magazines and blogs that I write for and The Weekend Gardener radio show will kick off in spring. I also plan on starting on book 3, but am just waiting on my proposal acceptance from my publisher.. All I can say at this point, is that I love the idea/concept and it is still firmly in my comfort zone of edible gardening.. fun fun! :) 

So, to recap, I thought I would post a few photos and thoughts from 2012. It was the year I had little time to garden. I concentrated on low maintenance plants that wouldn't need much love.. It was also the year of the deer invasion (let's be honest, every year is a deer invasion) and this coming year I do resolve to go electric. It's time to get serious about the deer problem.

What are your big garden resolutions for 2013?

Happy New Year to you and yours and may the year be filled with happiness and good health!

I started the gardening year with visits to both the Boston Flower Show and the famed Philadelphia Flower Show where I had the honour of giving talks on Year Round Veggie Gardening.

One of the many gorgeous gardens at the Boston Flower Show

Look Ma, it's my book in Boston!

Philly! And a huge indoor veggie garden. A number
of the gardens featured edible plants, which reflects
the popularity of growing food.

Cold frames in Philly. Needless to say, I was thrilled!
A 40 foot living wall of lettuce.. amazing.. such textures and colours.
'Drunken Woman' lettuce.. one of my favourites this year!
Getting ready to plant some potatoes, onions and veggies.. My top potato
of 2012 was a toss up between Pink Fir Apple and Banana. Both
fingerlings and divine!
It was a banner year for butterflies with record
numbers visiting the province - and my garden!
Zucchini love.. don't ask me to pick a favourite.. 

My biggest tomato ever - Persimmon - and it was delicious!

Small, but mighty! Sungold, Ildi, Yellow Pear and Black Cherry.

It was also the year of the peanuts. For the first time,  Annapolis Seeds
will be listing this heirloom short-season variety in their 2013 seed
Frilly mustards add sharp flavour and welcome
texture to salads. 
Asian greens - and they're still going strong under 6 inches of snow
in their mini hoop tunnel. 
Gourd love. So many gourds.. many of these are now drying to
be saved for crafting.


  1. I resolve to enrich my garden soil with organic material in 2013. DC

  2. I must follow your example, have been a very bad blogger too. So that's my resolution, to blog more frequently and garden more frugally.

  3. My big garden resolution is to grow that frilly mustard you have in your hand above, and more purple, red/ish and burgundy plants because I can see, they aren't as prone to bug damage. Also, to cover my brassicas! Oh yes, and get better organized!! That last one will be the hardest resolution to keep ))))

    A late Happy New Year wish to you and your family. Best Wishes, Bren


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