Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My latest blog post for Proven Winners!

I love writing my monthly Proven Winners blog for a number of reasons. First, there are the fabulous folks that I get to work with, including my fellow bloggers, but I also love the opportunity to write about ornamental plants. In this blog, my books and most of the magazine articles I write, I typically focus on the edible side of the garden, but with Proven Winners, I get to explore a variety of techniques, ideas and plants bred for pleasure - colour, texture, form and more! In my latest Proven Winners blog post, I share the concept of colour echoing to bring harmony to a garden. Read all about it here.


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  2. Hi there, just reading your book, and I'm happy to see mulitiplier onions mentioned. Do you have a good source for getting these by mail/in the maritimes? I live in PEI and haven't been able to find them.

    1. Great question! I have actually bought my multiplier onions at the grocery store on their onion set rack, in garden centers and you should also be able to order them via Halifax Seed ( and Hope that helps!

  3. Awesome, thanks so much! On my way to getting some potato onions.

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