Monday, March 18, 2013

Canada Blooms 2013 - Part 1

I am back!! Just arrived home last night from Canada Blooms and I was blown away by the incredible gardens and the enthusiastic gardeners! I've got a LOT of photos to share.. but thought I'd start (sort of) in the actual order of my experiences at Canada Blooms. 

This past Friday, March 15th I gave a talk and then did a book signing.. Sorry, I have no photos of my talk, but here is one of the book signing. It was a blast and I was able to connect with some of my online gardening friends as well. I did arrive a bit early for my talk so that I could spend an hour or more wandering around the show and snap some photos. Unfortunately, I couldn't live-tweet as there was no wi-fi (what??) - not even in the media room (what??). Anyhoo, I ended up posting/tweeting some photos at the end of each day.. Many of which I will share below and in my next few posts. 

This really was a fabulous kick-off to spring and I'm ready to get planting.. which leads me to ask, "Why is it -27 C today?".. brrr..!! Here's hoping spring arrives darn soon. Until then, it's time to keep seeding indoors - more tomatoes, onions, eggplants, peppers, parsley, leeks, etc. etc. etc.. 
Look - I'm in the middle of the sign!! 
Me at the Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG) booth signing
my books! Thanks to Jenny of the TBG for snapping a
photo!! Look closely and you'll see my book
behind on the shelf!
The TBG booth - it was PACKED with people
so this was my private corner.. Love the aged
wooden desk where I did my book signing.
Check out the blackboard - I signed
books right after Mark Cullen!!
A sampling of some of the many books they offered to
the visitors of Canada Blooms - love Teaming with Microbes,
Gardening in a Hammock, The Compost Gardeners Guide, The
Canadian Garden Primer.. and more!
I can't escape Amanda Thomsen of 'Kiss My Aster'!! Not
that I'd want to.. both Amanda and her book are hilarious,
informative, zany and just plain awesome. (I believe
that word was actually invented to describe her.)
I didn't know Ellen Zachos new book had been
released until I noticed it beside my book
signing table.. LOVE Ellen and love her new
book. Very unique and packed full of
solid info and gorgeous photos.  I've been waiting
about a year for this book!

Last glimpse at the great job the folks (including the wonderful
Paul Zammit) do at the TBG booth. It's incredibly charming
and a great place to poke around, assuming you can
get through the crowds of people who also want to
poke around the booth!! 

Many many more photos to come of Canada Blooms 2013!

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