Saturday, March 2, 2013

The new look of Annapolis Seeds

For the first Saturday since Christmas, I was able to get to the Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market this morning.. in a word, awesome! The best part? I got to connect with Owen Bridge of Annapolis Seeds and check out his new seed packets. Love the design! Plus, one can get lost in the range of heirlooms seeds - especially tomatoes that he now offers. He also told me that his website - Annapolis Seeds - now takes online orders for the first time, which has made life much easier for both him and his customers. Here are a few photos from today..

One of Owen's new seed racks packed with
his wonderful wares.

Owen answering questions!

Owen's new seed packets and displays.

Owen's offering the Reisetomate - see my photo

Yep, this is a single tomato fruit!

So many heirloom tomatoes, so little garden space!

Other images from the farmer's market - love
this bunch of garlic.. 

Still a variety of winter crops available.

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  1. The new packaging is beautiful. How many did you buy..ahem..ahem... Eyes glazed over I expect ))))


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