Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My latest blog post for Proven Winners

One of my favourite new container plants is
Superbells ® Lemon Slice. It looks
good enough to eat! (but don't, not
edible!) :)
The long-awaited arrival of mild spring weather has given me 'garden brain'.. I can't think about much except all the plans I have for this year - new shrub/perennial beds, a deer-proof fence (is that even possible?!) and a pot-scaped deck with a mad tangle of annual flowers, herbs and veggies. I'm also keeping a sharp eye out for unused or old items that I can 'upcycle' into fun and functional garden pots.. read all about it in my latest blog post for Proven Winners - click here!

Also, tune in to Information Morning on CBC radio 90.5 FM tomorrow morning (Thurs, April 25th)) at 6:45 am to hear Part 1 of my chat with Margot Brunelle on growing seeds. Part 2 will air Friday at 6:45!

And one last reminder that you can still register for my FREE online seminar with Horticulture Magazine. It's tomorrow at 2 pm ET (3 pm Atlantic) and you can pre-register here.

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  1. I also start gardening and I decided to plant colorful flowers these spring and make a good landscaping design using it.


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