Friday, April 5, 2013

The Spring Ideal Home Show - Seminar Schedule

It's HOME SHOW weekend!


No Garden? No Problem! - A dynamic and inspiring talk on how to grow vegetables and herbs without an in-ground garden. From pots to pallets, window boxes to wine boxes and hanging baskets to salad tables, Niki will offer a wide range of fun and easy ideas on how to add more homegrown food to your landscape.

Fruits, Berries and Beyond! -  In this visual presentation, Niki will profile some of her favourite fruits and berries for the home garden, focusing on low maintenance and easy to grow crops like highbush blueberries, haskap berries, strawberries and raspberries.

Seminar Times
Friday 7:00pm - “No Garden? No Problem!”
Saturday 1:00pm - “Fruits, Berries and Beyond!”
Saturday 3:00pm - “No Garden? No Problem!”
Sunday 12:00pm - “Fruits, Berries and Beyond!”


  1. Dear Niki,
    Where is this Home Show ? As you do travel about Canada I would be so grateful if you could say where you will be. Almost every city has a Home and Garden Show some time throughout the year. My hope is that you may come out west sometime. I have 21 gardeners who would love to see and talk with you. Thank-you, Diane.

  2. Hi Niki. Can't wait to hear you again the next time you are our way. Here is a link to my blog (with your picture during the book signing in Pubnico).

    Denise at Organization and Inspiration for Fellow Writers, participant of A to Z Blogging Challenge
    Denise Reashore on Facebook


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