Friday, June 7, 2013

Book Review - Maritime Fresh by Elisabeth Bailey

Ok, let me start by saying that I'm slightly biased.. I have met Elisabeth Bailey on a number of occasions and she also joined me on the The Weekend Gardener radio show last summer and will do so again this Sunday. She is an avid gardener, as well as being a talented food writer and through our conversations I have learned that she is passionate about growing and preparing local and homegrown food. Plus, she's a hoot!! (Sorry, the Maritimer in me had to say it!) 

In 2011, Elisabeth's first book, A Taste of the Maritimes was published by Nimbus Publishing. I immediately bought a copy and can honestly say that it is now well speckled and splotched with the results of my cooking! I loved it so much that I've also given it as a gift on - at least - a handful of occasions. Therefore, I was very excited when she told me last autumn that she was working on a new cookbook.. We discussed recipes and I shared a few of my own using garden ingredients.. so imagine my surprise when I picked up her latest book - Maritime Fresh - and saw that she actually mentioned me!! So cool.. 

Anyhoo, I am asked at least twice a week what I do with all my garden veggies. 'Eat them' is my usual, semi-sarcastic answer.. and many folks have told me that I should write my own 'from the garden' cookbook.. Listen, I'm an OK cook, but I'm no food writer! :) That's why I'm grateful for Elisabeth's books.. 

Maritime Fresh divides itself by various garden vegetables, fruits and herbs. So.. if you have just found yourself picking a few bushels of beans, flip to page 32 and make her Bean and Cheese Burritos (and then bring me some, they are divine!).. or what do you do when all 20 of your broccoli plants are ready to harvest at once? How about some Broccoli Jack Soup (page 52) and then freeze the extras for autumn. 

Does dad love to garden or cook? Check out Elisabeth's book and tune in to The Weekend Gardener on News 95.7 FM in Halifax ( this Sunday to ask her your questions on cooking from the garden - 11 to 1 pm - and her segment will be from noon to 12:30. 

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