Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Ignored Garden

Lovin' the kale!
I've been stealing as much time as I can to work in the garden, but I still have plenty to do! It's amazing how quickly 2000 sq feet fills up.. This year, I've got a few crops that I've never grown before or haven't grown in years - quinoa (new), amaranth (years ago), chickpeas (years ago) and giant limas (new) to name a few. Some of those crops seem to suck up a lot of room! Plus, one of my soon-to-be tomato beds is still full of spinach and kale. The cool/wet weather has prolonged their harvest and I'm trying to use up the spinach as fast as I can (spinach/feta pizzas, pasta with garden asparagus and handfuls of shredded spinach, etc.), but I have a hard time pulling out the blooming kale as the bees are loving it so much! Who knew that such small creatures could make so much noise! They go crazy in the golden blooms.. 

Here's a few photos from Friday and today.. yesterday was a total washout with the 70 mm of rain we received, but I just snuck up before dinner and put in 3 more 'Fairy Tale' eggplants.. yum! 

Blue skies, golden kale

Where did you come from?? This popped up
on the edge of the veggie garden. 

The bees love the catmint too.. 

Catmint, mache and garlic.. 

Planted for 2 1/2 weeks now and these little plants have
quadrupled in size!

Hello sunflower.. where did you come from?

I love the chive blooms.. so cheerful!

It's almost tea time! The chamomile is
starting to open.


  1. i just got your book and am tearing through it! as someone living in the northeast US this year round gardening is really important for us -- we would *like* one day to grow all our own veggies for eating. so happy i found your blog!

    1. Thanks so much Lindsay!! I really appreciate that! I'm a neglectful blogger, but will try harder! :)

  2. Read your book earlier this year and it inspired me to get serious about gardening. In the fall we are heading back to Nova Scotia to homestead 105 acres. Can't wait for your next book this winter!

  3. we had about 20 sunflowers all over the garden that self sowed or the birds moved them! I kept a few of them in the pumpkin patch but the rest had to go, I found that suck up too much nutrition from neighbouring plants.


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