Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bonjour Quebec!

So, I'm in Quebec City for the 2013 Garden Writers Symposium and I've been neglecting my social media responsibilities! I thought I'd steal a minute to share some of the fine folks I've been connecting with here in this amazing historic city... but I promise, I will have so much more to share in the coming days.. I've seen some amazing (edible!) gardens here and some fabulous varieties and plant combos. I've snapped hundreds of photos and will post much much more soon. But for now, I thought I'd introduce you to some literary friends from the trade show.

It's Doug Oster! Doug has written several books and also
creates the awesome Digging with Doug videos.
Follow him on facebook/twitter to check out his fun
and informative videos

Canadian literary legend (and king of the perennials!), Larry Hodgson
with the incredible Ellen Zachos. Ellen is a former Broadway
performer and the author of many books, including her latest -
Backyard Foraging. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Christy Wilhelmi
on The Weekend Gardener in June. I had no
idea she would be in Quebec City - travelling from
Los Angeles! Love her book and her enthusiasm! 

Hey Steven Biggs! Canada's Fig guru (among
other edibles/ornamentals) at the Garden
Writers Book Fair! 

Dan Cooper and I.. Dan is the co-author of
Gardening from a Hammock (along with Ellen Novack), a perfect
summer read. Inspiration, ideas and advice
from a selection of Canada's best gardeners
and writers. 

It's the crew from St. Lynn's Press. There are some
great books coming out in late 2013 and into
2014.. Can't wait!

Finally, it's the Nova Scotia garden contingent at
GWA 13! Jodi Delong and I having a
(much needed) coffee/tea break.

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  1. Gardening from a Hammock sounds a perfect place to be on this hot day! Great share of photos and authors and publishers. GB


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