Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dahlia Day at the Halifax Public Gardens!

I don't see any rain clouds.. do you?? 
Today was the 3rd annual Dahlia Day at the Halifax Public Gardens. The forecast was afternoon rain with a good chance of thundershowers.. and although I was looking forward to the event, the garden is DESPERATE for rain! My new seedlings for fall/winter really need some solid rain.. but, the forecast was wrong (shocking!) and it turned hot and sunny and we've yet to get any moisture. Fingers crossed for an overnight soaking..

Anyway, with the weather co-operating, the dahlias were glowing. Such colours.. flower shapes.. textures and sizes! I always include 3 or 4 clumps of dahlias in the veggie garden - mostly because I just can't help buying them in the spring when I see the variety and colour combos at the nurseries. Mine are doing quite well, but after the display today, I think I may need to join the NS Dahlia Society! Member of the society were at the event, and I also had a quick tour of a few of the gardens from Bev McPhail, the Horticultural Supervisor of the Public Gardens and the Halifax Parks and Open Spaces. Details on the veggie garden and tropical fruit garden to come in the next day or so! :)

Here's a peek at some of the goodies I saw today!


I also loved the containers at the gardens.
This was a particularly outstanding one!

Chard in containers - look at the vivid
pink! Those leaf veins are incredible.

A unique dahlia called 'Marie Schnugg' with single red
petals that have a funky roll! 

I really loved this small flowering dahlia that I
believe is a product of the NS Dahlia Society (?).
It's called Cobequid Celestial Star and was
named by Carol Dexter. There were many flowers
on the plant and I think it would look fabulous in a
container garden.

Opps! Forget to get the name of this beauty. Must have been
too busy admiring the striped blooms. Gorgeous!

This was a bruiser.. love the large dinnerplate
types. It's called 'Tribune's Samuel the Great',
named by Joe LaPierre - another local selection?

Hail 'Little Caesar'! I can stare at the geometric
blooms of these dahlias for hours.. 

Another one whose name escapes me.. but
nevertheless, it is lovely. 

Do you see the little visitor? 

'Sylvia J.' named by Ed Alley

A very dense flower! 'Hollyhill Pinkie'

Somebody told me recently that 'Boogie Woogie'
was their favourite dahlia. I see why! A huge
golden center with striped pink petals.

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