Saturday, September 21, 2013

Adventures at the Mother Earth News Fair!

Ok, I'm cheating. This is from dinner last night. The Storey
Publishing crew, along with Timber Press author/party
crasher, Jessi Bloom (author of the amazing book, Free-
Range Chicken Gardens)
Yesterday, after a long day of travel, I finally arrived in Seven Springs, PA for the Mother Earth News Fair! If you're not familiar with this magazine, check out their website (warning - you can easily spend hours browsing the wealth of info there!). It's my second time at this event, as I also attended last fall - find the link to that blog post here.

I promise to blog more details soon about my adventures here, but I have my first talking coming up in just over and hour and I wanted to share some photos from this morning.

This first post is mostly focused on the books and bookstore.. but I have some tempting tomato and seed posts coming up too, so stay tuned!!

Mary Ellen and Meghan from Storey in the
booth this morning

Meghan, Mary Ellen and I with Bryan Welch, the Publisher
and Editorial Director of Ogden Publications (which
includes Mother Earth News)

My book in the Storey booth!

Nearby is the Mother Earth News Fair
Bookstore - a dangerous place for book lovers!
I spotted dozens that I want.. as well as one
of my favourites of 2013 from Joseph
Tychonievich 'Plant Breeding for the
Home Gardener'.

Year Round Veggie Gardener is also in
the big bookstore!

Paul Kelly, the owner of St. Lynn's Press holding
up a few of his new releases!

Mary Ellen did warn me she put up PLENTY of signs
for folks to find the Storey Stage. I've got a talk there
in about an hour!! She wasn't kidding. There are dozens
of signs pointing the way!

Heading down to the fair booths.. so much to see..
A lot of great products, seeds, plants and such
from across the US as well as 240 workshops/talks!

The view of a small portion of the outdoor fair as I walk
down the walkway.. Hmm.. do I smell veggie burgers?? Yum!

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