Sunday, September 22, 2013

Seeds and Tomatoes at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Ira Wallace, the owner of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. I was very happy to run into her again yesterday and visit their booth at the Mother Earth News Fair. Like I have to be talked into visiting a seed booth!! I also learned that Ira also has a new book coming out soon from Timber Press - click here for details.

I may have accidentally bought a few more packets of seed (oops!) and I did fondle the garlic knowing that I couldn't take that home with me - very unfortunate, as there are quite a few garlic booths here with many varieties I've never had the opportunity to try.

It rained rather hard yesterday, but I was able to get out and tour around before that happened.. here are some photos I snapped in Ira's booth!

(Sidenote - Ira also told me that Owen Bridge, a well known seed saving expert here in Nova Scotia and owner of Annapolis Seeds had visited her for a week this past season as he travelled across North America on a knowledge and seed saving quest. Can't wait to hear all about that when Owen returns home.)

Ira and I!

Some of the seed racks in the Southern
Exposure Seed Exchange booth. Tempting!

Drool.. garlic.. wish I could take it over the border!

Look at the wonderful and aromatic varieties

They were also testing tomatoes - Cherokee Purple!!

I love big rainbow - the one on the right. Next year I have
to grow it again.

Check out the small fruits on Matt's Wild Cherry - far left

This was is new to me.. very flavourful..

Folks were crowding around to taste. Had
to work fast to get a people-free photo!

Love this gorgeous, uniquely shaped variety

I also didn't plant this one this year.. it is
a favourite though, so I'll add it to my
2014 list!

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