Sunday, September 8, 2013

Upcoming Workshop on Food Preservation

Food Preservation by Traditional Ways:
7 Fun Ways to Do It Yourself
Sunday, 15 September  9-5

Do you want to learn about traditional ways of preserving foods?  The tried and true.
Please join us for a fun-filled day of building food resilience.
We'll learn why we preserve food & how it relates to our modern world and future.
Methods covered will include:
Canning (hot water bath)
Freezing and Vacuum Packing
Vegetable storage in cold cellars, etc.
Herb Drying/Freezing
Jams and Jellies

And there will be handouts containing basic instructions as well as lists of supplemental resources.
Cooking School Kitchen, Upstairs, Tantallon Superstore,  5178 Hwy 3Cost: $35.  -  $20 for youth under 30.         Scholarships available.
Coffee, tea, and dessert will be provided.  Bring a bagged lunch.

To register (encouraged, but not required), contact or phone 826-7846
Please download and post our fun poster - at the website.
We are keeping the cost as low as we can and not loose money (we hope) so please take advantage of this offering and share it too.

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