Saturday, October 26, 2013

A living willow pergola

I saw some wondrous gardens and plants on my trip to Quebec City this past August, but it was the living willow structures that were found in a handful of the gardens that really stuck in my mind. This living pergola was only 2 years old and it was grown in SmartPots. Growing invasive willow in fabric containers is an easy way to keep its rampant growth under control.. and I must say, I'm VERY tempted to try this in my backyard where I've been thinking about creating a new flagstone patio..

Spring project anyone??


  1. Gosh - that looks like Heaven Niki! I would love to do a willow arbor project! Let me know if you take this on!!


  2. What an interesting natural structure. The fabric pots sound like a good way to control the willow, but I wonder how much pruning would be required...hmmm.It would certainly be a nice place to relax on a hot summer afternoon.
    I see you have a new book coming out in January. Perhaps I can do a review post to help you with promotion.

    1. Hi Jennifer.. I would love to do a review post if you're willing, thanks.. the book comes out in March - I need to update that widget! Thanks for noticing.. :)

  3. I was just wondering how they maintain those cute willow structures.... especially the smaller ones that are so popular for kids. And whether it makes any sense to suggest on to clients who may not be vigilant gardeners. Thanks for this idea!

    I have enjoyed my first look around here, Niki! Over from Jennifer at Threes Dogs in a Garden. Stay warm!!
    ~Julie in Pennsylvania

  4. All natural! This is what they call a nature’s wonderful creation. A willow pergola and a cool breeze of summer.


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