Thursday, October 10, 2013

An Almost Frosty Morn

It's Oct 10th and we're still frost free.. I gotta say that I'm a bit surprised. Typically, we would have had a few light frosts by now, but we've been lucky and the weather has been mild. When I wandered up to the garden this morning, it was close - the plants were well covered with a heavy layer of dew and it was very cool. My hands were freezing taking these photos!! :)

I just wanted to share a few scenes of new and mature plantings in my fall garden. In early and mid-September I seeded three 4 by 10 foot beds with greens for late fall and early winter - Asian greens (I mixed my own favorites in a seed pack and sowed thickly), spinach and more.. As well, you can see that the cold frames are filling up quickly. Just a few weeks ago, they were rather empty. Amazing what the waning autumn sunshine and moisture can do.

I love nasturtiums and I love that they're still going strong!

Just look at the sparkly dew.. these flowers just
glow in the morning light.

The leaves also have a nice layer of dew. Soon,
they'll be wilted with frost. boo.

One of my custom mixes - 4 weeks old now.
Mustards, lettuces and mizuna - gorgeous
colours and leaf textures.

Another bed - see the spiky green leaves of
mizuna in the middle of the bed?

A close up of the mustards and mizuna. 

One of my mature dinosaur kales. Doesn't
it look like a palm tree? 

Gotta get those seedlings in the frames!
But where to find more room..? Maybe I
need another frame? :)

Warm season nasturtiums meet cold season kale.

Mature red russian kale is kissed with autumn

A fresh planting of baby red russian kale
seeded in late August. Plants are super
tender and about 8 to 12 inches tall.


More dew!

Um.. even more dew!! 

A giant Kossak kohlrabi - 9 inches across..
got this massive variety at Halifax Seed
this past spring. Very tasty and they hold
in the garden for a very long time.

I didn't adjust this colour.. it really is electric red. Just
a dozen or so zinnia blooms left. From my Renees Garden
seed - and each bloom is 5 inches across. I'll miss these!

Dinosaur kale - this guy went a bit curled..
See the dew? :)

One more dinosaur kale - my absolute
favourite. Sliver up the leaves, sautee
with some onions, add a handful of feta
and top a pizza. Drool! 


  1. Definitely Kohlrabi for me next year. Your frames are an inspiration. You know me, always late seeding, but still going strong in the garden )) Greens are loving this weather.

  2. I think I need you to come live in my backyard! My garden is no where near as productive as yours!

  3. So beautiful and inspiring Niki!


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