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Devour! Kicks off Next Week!

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Ok.. raise your hand if you like great food. What about wine? And thought provoking films? Did you raise your hand three times? If so, you're going to want to take part in Devour!, a five day film food fest that kicks off in scenic Wolfville, NS on Nov 13th. We're talking a crazy range of events, films, wine tours, pop up's, tastings, workshops and even a food truck rally! Pace yourselves!

In anticipation of Devour!, I asked Chef Michael Howell, the Executive Director for more details.

What is Devour?
Devour! The Food Film Fest is an international festival celebrating cinema, food and wine culture. The five-day festival takes place in the culinary epicenter of Nova Scotia – the Town of Wolfville. The festival, formerly the Slow Motion Food Film Fest, is a celebration of food on film, the culture of food and the dramatic impact it has on our day-to-day lives.

Who should go? 
Devour! should appeal to a broad spectrum of people - obviously cinephiles and film fans, but also culinary fanatics, filmmakers interested in learning about a hot genre - food - and people interested in careers in the new food milieu - think food bloggers (we are bringing in two of the most famos in the world - Bonjwing Lee aka The Ulterior Epicure and Kathleen Flinn - 35k followers.  

Food lovers will be attracted to our opening gala - The Five Senses - featuring 11 of Nova Scotia's best chefs creating an amazing array of appetizers and Food Network's Bob Blumer (The Surreal Gourmet, Glutton For Punishment) is opening the festival. Foodies will be attracted to the dining events at three great local restaurants with celeb chefs Michael Blackie (Ottawa) Danny St Pierre, (Sherbrooke QC) and Scott Vivian (Toronto)  and all three are giving masterclass seminars on upping your culinary game as part of our workshop series.

Finally, visitors coming for the first time to the Annaplois Valley should take in the special Wolfville Magic Winery Bus tour featuring wine tastings and cajun food, and the All You Need is Cheese Express to Fox Hill Cheese House where you can sample local beers and ciders while enjoying award winning local cheeses and champions from this years Canadian Cheese Grand Prix  

What are some of the amazing foods that folks can look forward to? (Are you personally creating any food for Devour? Sneak peek?) The menu at the Five Senses Gala promises to be amazing with creations from well known chefs like Craig Flinn (Scallops and bacon) to new champions like Matt Krizan (Cajun Seafood Stew), Sausage and sauerkraut from Martin Ruiz Salvador and many more. 

Chef Blackie and Dave Smart are creating an amazing menu inspired by our film Now Forager, at their collaborative dinner at Front and Central Thursday November 14th. From periwinkle to wild mushrooms, seafood cassoulet to a luscious cheesecake dessert
and finally Chef Don Mailman and the culinary students at NSCC Kingstec will close out the weekend by creating a mind blowing dessert as part of our Sweet Hereafter awards Ceremony Sunday at 6pm. Here's the sneak peek - beet coral cake, smoked salt chocolate sauce, lavender and maple cotton candy, apple mint glass, coconut malt balls, licorice gummy, strawberry leather and mango curd - all one dessert.

We also have the Select Nova Scotia food truck rally Thursday afternoon, a celebrity mixologist cocktail party and Ace Burger popup at The Old Orchards Rafter Lounge Friday night, and the The Wolfville Farmers Market Devour Brunch Saturday morning 

Can you also tell me a bit about some of the films that will be showcased at the fest? 
We scoured the globe thinking it might be a challenge to find enough films, but boy were we wrong. We had over 200 titles submitted and actually had to stop taking submissions. Lia, myself and Simon Thibault watched 200 titles to come up with the 70 films (both shorts and features) that comprise this years festival.  My personal favorites: Hey, Bartender (about  a young man  finding a reason for living and passion for a new career at the hottest cocktail bar in New York City.) More than Honey, a gripping look at the importance of bees to humanity and how we are losing touch with that fundamental cog in the biodiversity of the earth; Nile Perch (part of the Gone Fishing Program) which explore a terrible economic disparity made bleakly clear in this strangely beautiful black and white film, and finally, The Pastry Chef, an Italian drama following a chef caught up in intrigue and unable to help himself as he is pulled through the vortex of circumstance on his way to self discovery and acceptance


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