Monday, December 9, 2013

I'm back.. with wonderful winter garden photos to share!

Coming Soon! :)
So very sorry for the long delay in between posts.. For the past month, I've been nose deep in final book edits and have only just emerged.. and am happy to say that 'IT'S DONE!' Yep, Groundbreaking Food Gardens is now finished and will be going to print in the next few weeks.. Then it will available across North America and the UK in March 2014. Phew.. now maybe I can relax (a bit) and take some time to enjoy the holidays! :)

I've been sitting on the below photos for several weeks - apologies to Aileen, the Nova Scotian gardener who sent them to me - and I'm thrilled to (finally!) share them with you.. I hope you find inspiration from Aileen's innovative ideas. I'm certainly inspired by her clever season extenders - and check out the bounty that came from her garden this past season.. That massive pot of lettuce is amazing! Makes me hungry for a salad! :)

A few notes from Aileen about her garden - the mini cold frame tunnels were purchased as kits and she built the boxes to match. She also built 'French door' frames from doors that she found on the curb, dragged all the way home and then built boxes to match! Now that's what I call a resourceful gardener! Thanks so much to Aileen for sharing her photos with me..

I'll also be hosting #gardenchat tonight, Dec 9th, on Twitter.. the weekly garden gab happens at 10 pm Atlantic time (9 pm EST) and all you need to do is go to Twitter and type in the hashtag #gardenchat to follow all the fun.. Don't be shy! Say hi and join in the conversation.. hope to see you there!


  1. OMG...isn't that spectacular! Love the doors on the cold frames and that load of lettuce!!

  2. Those little cold frames are awesome. I'm thinking of doing something similar for for opposite reasons, the heat and pests we get here in Australia!


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