Saturday, January 18, 2014

My January Winter Garden

Hello wonderful dirt-covered carrot!
Maybe I shouldn't have called this post my 'winter' garden because it's been well above freezing all week - I actually wore only a sweater on Thurs when I tweaked the mini hoop tunnels and harvested greens! But, winter is coming back tonight with about 10 cm of snow expected. Yay?? Well, I have to admit that I have enjoyed this brief mild spell, but the majority of the plants won't appreciate it for much longer. I've noticed some of my perennials beginning to put out new growth and even a few garlic shoots are peeking out through the thick straw mulch. So, back to winter - for at least another 8 weeks!

Here's a glimpse of the garden - before the snow comes once again!

Late seeded spinach now filling in. I seeded in mid-Oct
and covered with a mini hoop tunnel in November. I nibbled
on a few of these tender little leaves. But we'll now eat
this crop until late March. 
A bed of late seeded mustard and mizuna. Planted in mid-Oct
and then covered with a mini hoop tunnel. Coming
along nicely! It will be ready to pick in about 2 to 3 weeks.

Hands up if you also LOVE fresh parsley! Check
out this double clump of Italian parsley under
a mini hoop tunnel

Cold frame mache - so yummy! I seeded
rather thickly and am trying to harvest by
thinning the plants. So delish - tender, nutty
and fresh. Check out the late planted curly
parsley in the top corner.

A close up of my mache!

Fun - a double carrot hidden beneath a foot
deep mulch of straw! The white blob at the
top is an old bed sheet I use to keep the straw
mulch in place.

Also coming up beneath the straw mulch - chives!
I will cover with clump with a cloche and see if
I can enjoy fresh chives in the next few weeks.

More parsley - curly parsley mulched with
a very thin layer of straw. Might top this
with a cloche too.

A mulched bed in the foreground with 3 mini hoop
tunnels and one of my cold frames. Hard to get it all
in one photo.


  1. Why didn't I plant more mache? But, on a good note, my spinach and hardy greens are about right with what you have so maybe I need to concentrate on what I can pick in January and February 2015 in September and October 2014. Always great to see your garden, the beds and set up. Inspiring as always. B.

  2. You're amazing, Niki! Bon appetit!

  3. and did I say I am hugely jealous of your mache?

  4. Amazing girl! We've been warm all week, but a cold blast (probably from y'all) is coming down to attack the Sooner State once again. I am also grateful for it because the plants are getting confused. They think it's March. Love your mache. I am growing it under hoops next fall.~~Dee


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