Friday, January 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday! More tomato love!

UPDATE - It took me awhile to realize that it's not Thursday.. duh! Oh well, it's the thought that counts! :)

I know I just posted about tomatoes recently, but I've been getting a lot of questions/tweets and such about favourite varieties.. so I thought I'd share some fun tomatoes we've grown in the past two years..

Costoluto Genovese, a tomato that has earned an annual
spot in our garden. An Italian heirloom with lovely fruits
 Typically the fruits have very predominant ribs
and a great meaty flavour!

This is ONE tomato! It's called the 'travelling' tomato,
but the actual name of this unusual heirloom is
Reisetomate. Fun, eh?? Nice flavour

This is Northern Lights and I've only grown it for the past 2 years.
Good flavour and quite productive. Fun shape -
kind of like  squashed tomato!

The biggest and the smallest! This hefty fella is
Persimmon, grown 2 summers ago and it weighed about 2 pounds!
 The tiny dudes are Mexico Midget.
They're only as big as peas and
split easily when harvested, but the flavour is
intensely tomato-y, meaty and delicious.


  1. ..and Mexico Midgets are a favourite of cocker spaniel dogs in our back yard.

    Good variety Niki. As per your suggestion to beat the blight, I grew Sub Arctic Plenty and this was my best and earliest cropper and very delicious.

  2. Just a comment on the Reisetomate - that is just the German name, maybe better translated into "traveler's tomatoe"! Here in Germany it is told that the variety comes from Russia or at least somewhere more eastern and it is called that name because you can break pieces of the tomatoe without damaging the whole thing because of the many segments it has. Later during your travel you can keep on eating small bits without having wet messy hands.


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