Friday, April 25, 2014

The Weekend Gardener is Back for its 8th Season!

The view from my studio seat!
It's official, this Sunday April 27th season 8 (8!!) of The Weekend Gardener kicks off. Geeze, how did 7 years go by so fast? Anyhoo, we have a slightly earlier show time - now 10 to noon Atlantic time (9 to 11 am EST) and we are still broadcast on three stations - News 95.7 FM in Halifax, News 91.9 FM in Moncton and News 88.9 FM in Saint John. Or, if you're nowhere near any of those cities, just go to and listen live. After each show, the two hour broadcast will be podcasted. (is that a word? it is now.)

I've been very busy calling/emailing/messaging some of my favourite folks to join me over the coming months, and we have a very wide range of gardening topic to cover. I would LOVE to hear any of your thoughts, guest ideas, topics, etc too, so please comment with your suggestions. I will also be getting your tweets throughout the show, so feel free to tweet me at @NikiJabbour anytime.

I will also have a copy of my new book to give away to a caller - 1-877-801-8255, so call us with your questions!

Tomorrow - Saturday, April 26th, you can find me at Costco Dartmouth Crossing from 11 to 1 pm signing books and then at Costco Bayers Lake from 3 to 5 pm signing books. Costco has them for a limited time and they are priced at just $13.99, down from their regular list price of $24.95. 


  1. Podcasts are a wonderful thing!

  2. Is there any way to listen to previous episodes (or new ones for that matter) without doing it live? I live in a very different time zone, and would not generally be able to listen at 11am atlantic time. Many radio shows release their shows in podcast version as well.

    1. Yes! thank you for asking.. the show is podcast on the website - Just go to the 'listen' button and then search Weekend Gardener. You'll find the shows there! They're divided up into 1/2 hour blocks..


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