Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Rainy Day Garden Tour…

The rain began yesterday - on and off all day, but enough to finally saturate the soil. It has been so dry! This past week, I've had to break out the hose to water the new successive crops and fall/winter veggies  that I'm trying to establish. Therefore the rain was welcome.

Today, there is only a light drizzle, but it's enough and the veggies seem to have grown overnight. A few photos from my morning harvesting..

So many nasturtiums! They're hard to capture on camera as
the colours are just so electric!

Spicy Globe Basil - I've got it growing in a pot on the deck and
every time I walk by, I have to ruffle the aromatic foliage.

The daylilies are reaching their peak and the
large blooms look especially beautiful with
rain droplets.

More nasturtiums - This one is Cherries Jubilee from Renees
Garden. Such a vibrant pink!

The hyssop has formed a large clump at the end of a garden
bed. The bees just love it!

A pale nasturtium called Buttercream.

These were toppled a few weeks ago in the
Tropical Storm, but the plants have rebounded!

Extra propping after that storm. Note the space under the
A-frame trellis is planted with Ruby Gem lettuce. They
love the summer shade.

Lemon cukes are coming!!

And the mouse melons.. picked and ate the first one today.
Oh yeah! They are a wonderful combo of cucumber
and melon flavour with a hint of lime. 

Baby mouse melons with their blooms still attached.

The pole beans have now begun cropping.

Tomatoes and Lolla Rossa lettuce.

Flowers for the good bugs!

My first Boothy's Blonde cucumbers!

Mousemelon vs Boothy's Blonde cucumber.

Summer squash bloom - 10 inches across!

My Mascotte bush beans are beginning to flower. This
2014 All America Selections winner has compact
growth with the beans held above the foliage for easy

Teddy Bear sunflowers.. the doubled flowers aren't great
for the bees, but they look so pretty I just can't resist growing
this dwarf variety.

A final thought - my high bush blueberries are now 4 years old
and are just laden with berries! 


  1. Is a Mouse Melon the same thing as a Cucamelon then? You make them sound delicious...

    1. Yes they are! Good point.. they're also commonly called Mexican Sour Gherkins too. I found a few mature ones today under that rampant foliage. No matter how hard I look in the foliage, there always seem to be more cucumbers! :)


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