Friday, August 29, 2014

A Late Summer Garden Tour & An Electric Fence Update

I can't believe it's late summer.. where has the time gone? I actually wore a sweater into the garden this morning to water! Brr..

Yesterdays promised rain turned into only about 1 mm of moisture and the soil is extremely dry. I just went up to water some of the new crops, but I was hoping for a good soaking yesterday so that I could sow more seeds - radishes, daikons, turnips, mache, kale, scallions, lettuce, spinach, chard, arugula, Asian greens and more. I may have to go ahead with the seeding, and forget about waiting for any rain. 

However, in spite of the lack of water, the garden is doing very well. The beans continue to produce prolifically, the large fruited tomatoes are finally coming in (darn snails seem to take a bite of each one!), and the cukes are just delightful - especially those miniature Mexican Sour Gherkins. Definitely a HUGE hit with the kids this summer. In fact, today is my niece's 10th birthday and when I asked her what she'd like for her big day (candy? toys? money?) she said 'cucamelons', another name for those tiny gherkins.. and her 12 year old sister, who also has a birthday next week, wants some Buenos Aires Rojo beans! Gotta love kids who love their veggies.

As for my new electric fence, so far so good. This past week, I've seen at least 6 deer in my front and side yard, as well as more on the neighbours property, so I know they are around. But.. they haven't breached the garden. How do I know? Easy! Nothing is eaten.. they typically go right for the beans and carrot greens, but all is well - KNOCK ON WOOD! I can't say an electric deer fence is 100% effective, but I am extremely satisfied this year. 

Lettuce ready to bloom!

I love these quick growing Japanese turnips!

These were seeded just 40 days ago.

Some of the daikon radishes have bolted!

Um, can I help you?? Crawling over the leaf
mulch towards the tomatoes.

I swear I picked all the cucumbers yesterday.
I don't know where this came from?

One of our 'Indian Doll' pumpkins. Such
a beautiful variety.

This mornings 'stuff'.. tea, hose, plant tags and
a trowel.

The biggest mouse melon I've ever picked vs
the 'forgotten' cucumber.

Let's not forget the 'Lemon' cucumbers.

A fun combo - 'Sungold' tomatoes and

And just as I wrap up my harvesting, the sun
comes out.. hello mr. bee!


  1. What a great catch up! Glad your fence is working and you are harvesting lots of beans and more.

  2. Those Mouse Melons are really cute! How do you use them? They look more appetising than the Lemon cucumber (which really needs a shave!)

    1. Ha! I'll give you that Mark!! :) I just rub those little spikes off, but you may like 'Dragons Egg' cukes better - similar shape, colour and flavour as 'Lemon', but no spikes. Baker Creek sells them.. The mouse melons have long vines - mine are about 8 to 10 feet now, they do sprawl in every direction, but I keep pointing the branches UP the trellis! Not overwhelming in terms if plant size - I have 3 on a 4 by 7 foot A-frame trellis, along with 3 other cucumbers and all have adequate space. But the tiny fruits grow quick and are very tasty. I had hoped to pickle or use some in a salad, but so far, all have been eaten in the garden (mostly by the gaggle of children that wander in our revolving garden door- haha!).. about 200+ I'd estimate..

  3. Amazing how fast things grow before we find them...great harvest still.


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