Thursday, August 21, 2014

Let Me Introduce 'Buenos Aires Roja' Pole Bean!

Do you ever forget where you plant things? I know I do.. should probably use that garden journal.. but who has time?

Anyhoo, tonight I was picking a handful of Mexican sour gherkin cucumbers, I stopped to notice the size of the pole bean leaves that are winding their way up the same A-frame trellis. I do remember planting a few pole bean seeds amongst the cucumbers way back in late May, but I had totally forgotten what variety I sowed and the plant tag was long smothered - somewhere - under the rampant cucumber vines that are climbing, sprawling and creeping everywhere in and around that bed. So when I actually paused to look at the vining bean foliage, I was struck by how LARGE the leaves are - at least double that of my regular pole beans. Hmmm..

So I poked around under the foliage to see if I could see any actual beans to help me ID this sucker.. And yes, there were some pods - they were green, brushed in red! Glorious!! I immediately knew that this was 'Buenos Aires Roja', a variety sent to me from Spain. They look exactly like the seed packet - see below - and have a sublime bean-y flavour. Definitely something I will plant again. I picked these pods a bit young - they were about 5 inches in length, but according to my halting spanish translation of the packet, they will grow to 6 inches and then mature to 1 inch wide, flattened pots.

Yum!! I love trying new-to-me crops.. do you have any exciting new varieties in your garden this year?

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