Monday, September 15, 2014

Last Week of Summer Garden Update

Oh Peppermint Swiss Chard, you are so
Anyone else want an extra 4 weeks of summer? I gotta say that it was rather chilly this morning and tonight we've got a frost warning. Not cool Mother Nature!

I just got home from a few fun-filled days at the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA, where I gave 3 talks and did a book signing. It was my third time at this particular event and it's something that I look forward to attending each September. Everyone is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable and it's great to connect with both gardeners and fellow writers.

After being away from the garden for a few days, I was therefore anxious to check up on the veggies - and to make sure the deer didn't breach the electric fence while I was away. Thankfully, all was good and I snapped some photos to share as I harvested the slightly overripe zucchini and cucumbers.

What are you still harvesting?

One of the radicchio plants bolted in mid-summer and the sky
blue flowers are just lovely - this bee thinks so too! 

My first 'Pineapple' alpine strawberry - perfectly
ripe. So tasty! Can't wait for more of these. I got
the seed from Renee's Garden

Such a pretty little strawberry!

I like to plant cut flowers, like this dahlia,
in the veggie garden too!

A fun view of a pear-shaped cucamelon!
Can you see it? It's hiding behind the leaf - see
the shadow? 

And here it is after I lift up the leaf! A bit
of a funny shape for a cucamelon!

Some of the 'Buenos Aires Rojo' pole beans
are getting BIG. I've got to save some seeds
from these unusual and tasty beans.

I planted these Japanese turnips a few weeks ago - so
quick growing.. I probably should have thinned
them. Oops!

Hmm.. what are you doing on the turnips?
Where did those holes in the leaves come from?

Here's a BIG turnip! about 3 inches across. 

More cucamelons. I just can't get enough
of these crazy little cucumbers!

Lot's of 'Lemon' cucumbers still coming.. This
guy is only 1 1/2 inches across, but he
really took my eye with his pronounced spikes. 

Thinning more of the winter carrots.. these
thinnings were so big, I ate them! Yum!

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