Thursday, November 13, 2014

The last hurrah of autumn

I found this forgotten Black Spanish radish in the garden.
I think I'm too scared to eat it though - it's almost 3 inches
across and will be VERY VERY spicy!
According to the weather forecast, we may get 5 to 10 cm of snow tomorrow.. NOOOOOOOO! Mother Nature has been so kind to us this autumn with wonderfully mild weather and few frosts.

I've been out working in the garden for the past few days, trying to tie up loose ends (and pull random weeds!) before the weather bomb. It looks like today is the last mild day, and I've still got plenty to do like deep mulch the root/stem crops and put up a few mini hoop tunnels in preparation for the (sniff, sniff) snow.

However, I thought I'd first share some photos I took yesterday - Nov 12 - when it was warm enough to work outside in a t-shirt!

Have you wrapped up your winter garden yet?

I've got about 20 celeriac ready for deep mulching.
Most about about 4 to 6 inches across.

Baby beets! Steamed these last night - like candy!

There are still some random blooms for the late bees. This
borage flower was pure perfection.

Plenty of calendula still in bloom. The nasturtiums
gave up last week, but these cheerful orange blooms
fill the gap nicely.


Can't forget about 'Peppermint Stick' swiss chard!
Seriously a knockout in the garden spring through winter!

I also still have  hedges of sweet alyssum. It
just keeps going and going - even under
mini hoop tunnels. 


  1. Celeriac is one veg that I have never managed to grow well. It refuses to get any bigger than a tennis-ball. Yours look about twice that size...

  2. I look forward to hearing more about your winter gardening strategies. Thanks too for the wonderful planting planner! I use it every year.

  3. My previous comment was an error sorry! (Too many tabs open this morning -- that one was for Skippys Vegetable Garden...) What I meant to write was that I just ordered your book --which I found via that blog -- and am looking forward to reading it! Keep up the great work.

  4. I love this ... I never thought of adding my favorite alyssum to the covered raised beds. I'm learning so much this season for next years adventures. Thank you for sharing your garden Niki!

  5. I grew calendula a few years back. It was very pretty, but I found it tall and spindly. Yours looks shorter and stockier. Are there lots of different varieties?


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